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Integrity Rules!

In the landscape of human relations nothing is as powerful as integrity.  No earthly force, arsenal, or fortune can even come close to its awesome influence. Integrity is more powerful than even love! It’s easy to be loved….more difficult to be trusted.  Nothing moves people, gains cooperation, or unites like integrity!  To the individual, integrity’s reward is inner peace – the byproduct of bringing one’s behavior in alignment with his beliefs.  Power, influence, inner peace… Who would trade these…for anything?

The fact of the matter is that every day we are tested by life’s challenges.  Sticky situations can cloud judgment, while opportunities to gain advantage, increase one’s popularity, or win the approval of others, often leads to moral compromise…and the loss of integrity.  

For leaders, the benefits of integrity extend well beyond inner peace. Leaders with integrity are trusted…wholly and completely.  On the other hand, those who apply the principles of honesty, confidence, and integrity only situationally are then believed only situationally. Leaders with integrity are trusted….always!  This is power! 

No matter how forceful, demanding, cajoling, or manipulative a leader might be, no other influence even compares with integrity.  

So, when those tough decisions do come…and they will…how do you consistently make good choices, emerging each time with your integrity intact?  The next time your integrity is challenged ask yourself these questions:

1)      Is what I am considering legal and in line with company policy?

2)      Is it fair and balanced (win-win) with all parties involved in the decision being   treated fairly – in both the short and long term?

3)      Will anyone be hurt by this decision?

4)      How will I feel about myself when it’s done? If the whole world (including my friends and family) know of my decision will I feel good about it?

If the answer to any of these questions would cast a shadow on your most valuable asset – your integrity, stop…don’t do it…and enjoy the inner peace, trust, and influence it earns you as a leader… No gain is worth the loss of integrity!

Lead on……….. Cliff

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